Buckthorn can be found on the Ahve-
nanmaa Islands and open shores of the
Baltic Sea. Buckthorn grows in large,
impenetrable bushes. The juicy, orange
berries are very tightly attached to the
twigs, and they come off easily only
after the first cold nights in October.
Buckthorn berries are very rich in
vitamin C: 200 mg/100g. They also have
carotene and vitamins B, E and K.
Buckthorn berries give about 400 kJ of
energy per 100 gram of berries.
Because buckthorn berries contain lots
of malic acid, they have a sour, sharp

The cranberry grows in all parts of
Finland with the exception of the north-
ernmost reaches of Lapland. Cran-
berries can be picked from the end of
September until the first snow and then
again from under the snow in spring. It is
worth picking cranberries also after the
first sub-freezing temperatures of autumn
as well as in the spring, when their sugar
content has risen and they are less
acidic. Like most berries, the cranberry is
a good source of vitamin C. Because of
its tough skin, the cran-berry is also a
good source of fibre. Cranberries are
used in berry soups, porridges,
casseroles and baked goods.