Lingonberry grows on dry forest soil,
typically in pine forests and lichen
heaths, where the undergrowth is not
very dense. Lingonberries are ready for
picking in late August, and the season
lasts until the end of September.
Lingonberries are used in cooking as
different kinds of jams, jellies and juice.
Sharp tasting lingonberry juice can be
served with meals, and due to its
distinct flavour. Lingonberries can be
preserved simply in their own juice,
since the berries contain all the natural
acids and sugar needed. Lingonberries
are very rich in vitamin A and C, and
they also contain minerals such as

Cloudberry grows in distant swamps
and deep forests, mostly in northern
Finland and Lapland. The berries are
ready for picking around mid-July or
early August.
Cloudberries are at their best when
served fresh, for example on pancakes
or waffles with some ice cream or
whipped cream. The food industry uses
cloudberries in yoghurts, and one of the
specialities of Finnish distilleries is a
brand of fine sweet liqueur made from
cludberries. Cloudberries are usually
preserved by freezing, boiling or as
juice. The fresh berries are very rich in
vitamin C (100 mg/100 g).