An Everymanís Rights tradition provides people in Finland
unparalleled opportunities to explore nature and enjoy the
bounty of the forest. Nearly 90 per cent of Finlandís surface
area falls under the Everymanís Rights law and can be used for recreational enjoyment of the great outdoors. Everymanís
Rights also apply to visitors from abroad. Moving about in
natural areas does not require the landownerís permission,
nor are the privileges enshrined in Everymanís Rights subject
to the payment of any fees. Anyone may freely pick wild
berries, mushrooms and plants, with the exception of a few
species protected under environmental laws.

Everymanís Rights also apply to the commercial gathering of
berries and mushrooms, which also does not require
permission from the landowner. In this way, these rights also
benefit businesses, for example those dealing in natural

as well as food processors and nature tour operators. In the
case of commercial tour operators, however, it is a good idea
to ask for the landownerís permission in advance.

Berry pickers collecting berries or mush-rooms in Finland for
commercial purposes must be aware of the rights and duties
that Everyman’s Right involve. The commercial picker is the
first link in the chain of supply for berries and mushrooms.
Therefore, in order to ensure quality at this stage of the
supply chain, certain principles must be upheld in the picking
and handling of the berries.

When travelling to Finland, you are required to bring with you
a passport or other photo-graphic form of identification. You
may also need a visa or travel insurance for the duration of
your stay. More information regarding documents needed for
travelling to or working in Finland can be obtained at the
Finnish embassy or consulate in your home country.