Bilberry needs more water and richer
soil than lingonberry, and it can typically
be found growing in spruce forests.
The shrubs are light green, and the
berries on the shrubs are dark blue.
Bilberries are ready for picking in late
July and the season lasts until the
beginning of September. Freshbaked
bilberry pie is certainly one of the best
loved Finnish delicacies. Bilberry juice
can be served with meals and it is also
used to bring down fever in case of flu.
Bilberry is very rich in carotene, vitamin
B6 and manganese, and the berries
also contain as much as 22mg/100g of
vitamin C.

DCrowberry grows in all parts of Finland.
The light green shrubs with black
berries grow on dry heaths on hills and
in raised bogs, and even in the barren
peatlands and fields of Lapland.
The season for crowberries begins in
July and lasts until the first snow,
and the berries can even be picked in
the spring after the snow has melted.
Crowberries are used in jellies and
soups. The berries hav hardly any
natural acids, and because of that
crowberry jelly or juice goes excellently
with other, more sour berries.